A Utopia I Can Hope For

Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton has a vision of the future where people own their individual circumstances (specifically around technology) and we are all self-employed. Now that’s a future I can get on board with! I would love to be self-employed.

Many people hear that term and think: lazy days doing whatever I want because I’m my own boss. In my opinion, however, that’s not self-employed, that’s self-unemployed.

In my world of self-employment, I am able to set my own success criteria, my own path for getting to results and my own journey of discovery on the way. No longer would the bottom line of my employer dictate the amount of time I spend on specific projects. Instead, my own vision of success would keep me working toward a goal that was personally fulfilling.

Yes, it’s utopia, but it’s one that I find exciting to hope for.



He’s Speaking My Mind

Have you ever had one of those moments where you feel like your brain jumped out of your head and into someone else’s head just so they could write what you have been trying to tell yourself but couldn’t verbalize?

That’s what I feel like when I’m reading this guy’s blog, . Except, he’s writing to me from the “been-there-done-that” side of the fence while I’m on the “thinking-dreaming” side of the fence. Huge, huge difference.

I also am not thinking of becoming a full time blogger about blogging; that just sounds painful to me. I do, however, have dreams of my own for business and craft blogging. Here’s some fantastic food for thought about any goal setting and achieving.

How To Remain Productive When You Feel Like Giving Up

When facing emotions or circumstances that bring you down, he says, “One of the things I did and still do whenever I feel less than enthusiastic is to focus on output, rather than the external elements that bring me down.” I love this! I can do that! I can focus on output, no matter how I’m feeling. It gives me a question to evaluate what I’m doing: “I feel badly right now, but what can I do (absolutely anything) that will create output?”

Is It Really Possible To Create The Change You Want In Your Life?

In dealing with change, which on good days feels like pushing boulders uphill, he says, “When I say change, I mean real change. I mean the kind of change that takes you from where you are now, to where you really want to be, … .What I’m really talking about when I say “be” is the state you are in. It’s the change of state, the way you think and consequently act and thus experience, that I refer to when I mean change.” And futher on, he continues, “It was something about you on the inside that changed, that caused a physical change to manifest in reality. It was YOU who changed.”

Yep, I’ve lived that. More importantly, I continually try to keep changing that way. Not by outside-in philosophies of changing my behavior enough times until I force a muscle memory change, but actually changing from the inside-out. Becoming a new person on the inside so that my actions reflect the new me.

Yes, it’s harder than it sounds, and I prefer to operate hand-in-hand with the Holy Spirit.

Romans 12:2

New King James Version (NKJV)

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.
There’s more good stuff on his blog, some of the others I liked include:

I hope you enjoy his perspective as much as I did.