Finding my Tribe

To know who I’m reaching out to, I really have to know who I am.

I am a strong woman who wants to live fully and intentionally in the power of the Lord Jesus Christ. I was a slave to sin, but have been set free.

My passion is to bring freedom to other women through a relationship with Jesus Christ. I want to help women understand the circumstances they are building for themselves by working through the question: Why do you believe what you believe?

Why is this so important to me?

I was raised in a wonderful Christian home by wonderful Christian parents. They made choices about my upbringing based on what they thought would be best for me. More times then not, they were right.

With that background you’d think I’d have walked right into church easily and happily every week, no problems, no issues. Not true at all! Why? Because I was taught about religion and about church and about God. I never experienced God as a real person that I could talk with and share with.

I don’t blame anyone in particular for this, other than a general acknowledgement that organized religion today can often come with its own set of rules and expectations that don’t come from God.

But how I ended up with a twisted view of church isn’t really the point. The point is this: God met me where I was, with all the lies about Him and His Church in my head, and He loved me and won me back. He didn’t stop there, though. He showed me the bondage I was under due to misconstrued beliefs about God and myself and began to set me free from my wrong thinking.

I’m certainly not done in my journey, but I have come so far from where I was. I want to help other women find their own way into a powerful relationship with God that can set them free.


Tribe Writers

I have just bought the writing course Tribe Writers through Goins Writer. Jeff Goins is first and foremost a writer, but he’s also an author, teacher, and speaker. I’ve been reading Jeff’s blog and listening to some of his free offerings as a way to determine if the price tag for this course was worth paying. Obviously, I decided it was.

The selling point to me was the full scope of writing to influencing. It’s not just enough to type away and have great ideas. You have to get them out there as well. Jeff’s perspective on serving is something that’s important to me as well. Learning to serve people with the words I put out there feels overwhelming right now, but I know it’s important.

Here are my goals for this course:

  • Gain better honed voice
  • Find a focus for my writing
  • Learn to influence with my words
  • Have a platform that is easy for people to find me through
  • Write with disciple and passion

This blog will be where I post writing assignments, practice pieces, real pieces, thoughts on the classes, and whatever else comes my way. 

Here goes nothing!