A Utopia I Can Hope For

Raspberry Pi founder Eben Upton has a vision of the future where people own their individual circumstances (specifically¬†around technology) and we are all self-employed. Now that’s a future I can get on board with! I would love to be self-employed.

Many people hear that term and think: lazy days doing whatever I want because I’m my own boss. In my opinion, however, that’s not self-employed, that’s self-unemployed.

In my world of self-employment, I am able to set my own success criteria, my own path for getting to results and my own journey of discovery on the way. No longer would the bottom line of my employer dictate the amount of time I spend on specific projects. Instead, my own vision of success would keep me working toward a goal that was personally fulfilling.

Yes, it’s utopia, but it’s one that I find exciting to hope for.