Thoughs on Insignificance

I had a moment the other day that really put into perspective how very little I impact the world around me. I was out walking before work one morning and I paused at an intersection, waiting for one car to pass before crossing. As the car passed, I got to imagining myself in that lady’s life.

I could smell the coffee sitting next to her in the cup holder while she glanced in the review mirror to straighten an out of place hair. Her morning had been kind of rushed due to slightly higher hustle and bustle in getting out the door. She hadn’t had a bad morning, just a rushed one. As she drove through the intersection this morning, she was too distracted to even notice a woman standing on the corner waiting to cross the street.

Here I am now, I will never meet this lady, most likely. And even if i do meet her, I’ll probably never connect that she’s the one in the car. Odds are even slim that I’ll ever be at that intersection again, waiting just as I was to cross.

I have no relevance to her life, her family history, or her current and future family. There is no reason that my existence makes a cognitive difference in her life. Yet, her life is just as full and happy and relevant and meaningful as mine.

I felt very insignificant. Not in a negative way, but in in such a way that it gives me a greater perspective in the grandness of the world and the power of God’s omnipotence, omnipresence, and His great and amazing love.