Tribe Writers

I have just bought the writing course Tribe Writers through Goins Writer. Jeff Goins is first and foremost a writer, but he’s also an author, teacher, and speaker. I’ve been reading Jeff’s blog and listening to some of his free offerings as a way to determine if the price tag for this course was worth paying. Obviously, I decided it was.

The selling point to me was the full scope of writing to influencing. It’s not just enough to type away and have great ideas. You have to get them out there as well. Jeff’s perspective on serving is something that’s important to me as well. Learning to serve people with the words I put out there feels overwhelming right now, but I know it’s important.

Here are my goals for this course:

  • Gain better honed voice
  • Find a focus for my writing
  • Learn to influence with my words
  • Have a platform that is easy for people to find me through
  • Write with disciple and passion

This blog will be where I post writing assignments, practice pieces, real pieces, thoughts on the classes, and whatever else comes my way. 

Here goes nothing!